Aimed at the financial industry: banks, IoT, financial services providers etc.


Blockchain with up to 1 000 000 transactions per second.


Average processing time is 3 seconds per transaction


Very low transaction costs


Distributed, decentralized storage and open source code. Support for public and private networks.


Each record is entered into the blockchain of the block-less database without Merkle trees and sidechains by processing consensual transactions.

Formation of blocks

Permissions are set at transaction level. Transactions are added to the block for the subsequent finding of a consensus by the algorithm for finding the solution of finite state machine

Consensus model

Consensus model: federal with a mechanism for resolving most nodes with permission to make a decision.

Smart contracts

Each smart contract is performed in a separate isolated virtual machine environment, allowing development in script languages ​​(JavaScript), extended work with the scheduled calendar.


The system is scalable (as the number of nodes increases, the number of transactions processed per unit of time increases). There is an absence of mining so all coins are issued in advance in a certain amount.


At the moment, a platform with minimal functionality is developed. This functionality can be checked here.

Decentralized network

Each node (peer) is both a client and performs the functions of the server


– implementation of the algorithm for selecting the node responsible for storing data in blockchain


A network node that stores data
System member ID is a public and private key

Saving transactions

Saving data to blockchain


Transferring values between network participants


– a visual representation of the system operation with a minimum of features at a third-party
Test MVP To see MVP video presentation


Features CREDITS Bitcoin Ethereum
Blockchain & Smart Contracts
Transaction Speed 1 000 000 transactions per second (up to) 10 transactions per second 500 transactions per second (up to)
Block Interval 3 seconds (average) 10 minutes 15 seconds
Block Size Dynamic 1 Mb Dynamic
Consensus Algorithm dPoS + mBFT Proof of Work Proof of Work
Flexible configured blockchain Yes No No
Coins CREDITS Bitcoin Ether
Smart contracts Yes No Yes
Turing-complete code for developing smart contracts Java Non-systematic Solidity, Serpent,etc
Decision Making Process Democratic Congress (One node=One vote) Non-systematic Non-systematic
Speed of executing contracts 100 000 transactions per second (up to) Non-systematic 100 transactions per second (up to)
User technical features
Crypto algorithm Symmetric-key algorithm + Asymmetric-key algorithm Asymmetric-key algorithm Asymmetric-key algorithm
Using third-party systems Yes No No
Allowed to create own application Yes No (very hard) Yes
API Yes No Yes

January 2017

  1. Development of MVP
  2. Development of White paper

October 2017

  1. MVP Launch
  2. Pre-Sale

January 2018

  1. ICO Launch

February 2018

  1. Listing on the exchanges

March 2018

  1. Issue Alpha Version
  2. First Users

June 2018

  1. Release
  2. New services


S1 S2 S3 S4 S5
Pre-Alpha Alpha Beta Release candidate Release
Consensus mFA Consensus
FA : Key Design
mFA : Key Design Implementation,
PoW + PoC
mFA Optimization Optimisation
Data Store Decentralization Ledger,
NoSQL Store implementation
MessagePack History Blockchain backup
CVM (Credits virtual machine) Design and
Integration with
Optimisation Check errors -
Third-party system - Design and Implementation Integrate to full system - Optimisation
Inference Engine Formal Specification and Key Design Elements Reasoner Integration with Blockchain Reasoner Optimization - -
User interface Implementation Web UX design - - -
Wallet Wallet Formal specification UX design Application Test Android, iOS, Desktop Wallets
RPC & REST API Formal specification Blockchain Explorer - Third-party explorer


CEO & Founder
Igor Chugunov

12 years in business, including IT fintech projects, bank and credit e-services, affiliate marketing company for banks and PDL companies. Two years experience with blockchain business. Working with CREDITS platform since 2016.

CTO & CoFounder
Evgeniy Butyaev

Engineer (software development). More than 10 ten years software development experience, more than 3 three years experience with blockchain technologies, including SRI Infotech (Poland); solutions engineer based on blockchain technology in Russia. Working on the CREDITS platform since 2016.

Team leader
Valentin Antonov

Education: Programmer. Experience: more than 10 years as a programmer and architect building complex and high-loaded systems for the financial and banking sectors. In the blockchain industry for about 2 years. Qualified in platform Ethereum.

Senior software developer
Aleksandr Krasnov

Big development experience, including blockchain technology experience in a secure team for US company StateStreet. Engineered development solutions for various clients and worked on high loaded systems for orgnisations based in Europe and USA.

Community bounty manager
Evgeny Romanov

Planning and conducting marketing and PR activities of the company's online Community management in social network. In the project responsible for developing programs and support bounty team. Blockchain enthusiast 2014.

Head of investment relations department
David Kolmakhidze

Six years of experience in investment in cryptocurrency, development, consultant in blockchain projects. Expert in marketing strategy ICO. Great experience in building partnerships with investors and angel investors.

PR manager
Matushkina Elena

Seven years experience in PR. Promotes brands and products in print media and online. Participated in the development of a strategy to build a clients presence in social networks; she continues to work on the conceptual development of said strategy.

Development manager
Bruce Sadia

She is responsible for communicating with foreign partners and organizations. She holds a Masters in Communications and International PR. She has three years experience in the IT sector communicating with foreign clients.


Kyle Wang
Senior Consultant
Cleveland, USA

"The team is exceptional! CREDITS is a novel approach and cryptoeconomic innovation within blockchain"

Christian Ferri
Entrepreneur, Investor
San Francisco, USA

Executive with extensive experience in blockchain architecture/DApps/ICOs, strategic planning, investment relations for both large blue chips and nimble start-ups.

Michael Kapilkov
Blockchain Advisement
New York

"I am proud to announce that I have joined 'CREDITS'​ as an ICO Advisor" Founder Healthi, CoFounder Altcoinz, CoFounder I-virtual.

Christophe Ozcan
Blockchain technical - Expert

CEO & Co-founder at Crypto4All, Blockchain Ecosystem Advisor at Rockchain, Blockchain commission member at AFNOR Group

Jacob Salvador
Investor & Trader
Blockchain Specialist
Oslo, Norway

Experienced Investment professional in the venture capital and private equity industry. Skilled in Blockchain technologies

Artjom Aminov
Blockchain architect
at F&L Galaxy, inc
London, United Kingdom

Developer and architect of high-availability server-side applications based on blockchain technologies.

Tyler Perry-Smith
Investor, Enthusiast
Savitr Capital
San Francisco

"CREDITS can be the catalyst that takes blockchain functionality to mainstream business operations!'

Henrique Centieiro
Business Consultant

A specialist in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects, business planning and development, corporate finance