Accept payments
with cryptocurrency from your customers
In a cafe, shop or point of sale

Coming soon

Credits Merchant

Mobile app for accepting payments with cryptocurrency offline.
In shops or restaurants

Give your customers a new payment solution - let them pay with cryptocurrency

Convert your incoming cryptocurrency payments to fiat and withdraw to your bank account at any time

Cheaper and faster than card payments
With Credits Merchant

Free to accept payment from your customers. You pay only for withdrawals from 0.5%

Crypto payment
0.5% for withdrawals
Card payment
+$ 0.3
Card payment
+$ 0.35
Card payment
+$ 0.3

Use new payment technologies
Credits - the best crypto tools for your business
Real-time exchange to cash
10 Top most popular cryptos
Free transfers in Credits App
Friendly support
No chargebacks
Easy setup
On Credits Merchant there is a free accept payment option from your customers. You pay only for withdrawals from 0.5%
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